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Meet the Patriarchal Prophets

From the Chaldean city of Ur to Egypt and on to Canaan, the nomadic people of the Patriarchal period roamed large tracts of the Middle East.

The Patriarchy that began with Abraham and included the Exodus continued to the period of the Judges. The sixteen prophets from this era are:
Abram ben Terah (aka Abraham, Avram, Avraham, Ibrahim, ابراهيم ,אַבְרָהָם ,אַבְרָם)Isaac ben Abraham (aka Yitzhak, Celi, Yitshaq, Isaak, Ishaq, Yitzchak, اسحاق ,יִצְחָק)Jacob ben Isaac (aka Israel, Sarurn, Ya'akov, Yaakov, Ya'quob, Yisra'el, Yakov, Ya'qub, Yaquob, اسرائيل ,يعقوب ,יִשְׂרָאֵל ,יַעֲקֹב)Joseph ben Jacob (aka Jehoseph, Yosef, Yusuf, Zaphenath-Pa'aneah, يوسف ,יוֹסֵף)Job ben Zerah (aka Jobab, Iob, Iyov, Aiyub, Ayoub, Ayub, أيوب ,אִיּוֹב)Caleb ben Jephunneh (aka Carmi, Chelubai, כָלֵב)Hur ben Caleb (Chur, חור)Jethro ben Reuel (aka Hobab, Jether, Shoaib, Yethro, Yitro, شعيب ,יִתְרוֹ)Moses ben Amram (aka Moshe, Musa, موسى ,מֹשֶׁה)Aaron ben Amram (aka Aharon, Haroun, Harun, هارون ,…

Meet the Judge Prophets

Following the Patriarchal period, the nation called Israel evolved into a loose federation of tribes ruled by Judges, and held together by a common faith and a common ancestry.

While there were more than twenty judges during this period -- Samson being the most infamous -- only four were considered to have the status of Prophets. (One additional judge -- Deborah -- is included in the list of Prophetesses.)

The four Prophet-Judges are:
Othniel ben Kenaz (aka Othoniel, ʻOtniʼel, עתניאל)Ehud ben Gera (aka ʾĒhûḏ, אהוד)Eli ben Ithamar (aka `Eli, עֵלִי)Gideon ben Joash (aka Gid`on, Jerubbaal, Jerubbesheth, Yerubba`al, יֶר-בַּעַל ,גדְעוֹן) Image: Detail from 'Prophet Samuel,' a pigment on plaster fresco at the Kiev, Russia Golden Domed Monastery